Until The End of Time Bob Lane Dj (Mattia Nicoletti Remix)

Release date: 18-Nov-2016

Label: Billo Music

Music producer from Milano, Italy, Mattia Nicoletti has always been interested in blending and mixing different genres, from deep house to trance, from Tropical house to rock, from techno to tribal. He has released as The Italian Job, together with Giuseppe Presti vocal deep house tracks as “Just come with me” and “Deejay keep it up”. As solo artists he released the melodic techno tracks “Train to Mars” and “Led the way” and recently the deep house single “Back to the groove”.

Now, with the remix of Bob Lane Dj’s “Until the end of time”, his intention is to develop a tropical house sound with the influence of trance synths for capturing the unique atmospheres of Ibiza under the sun.